Lesson Plan : Canada: Four Trading Cards

Teacher Name:
 S. Shatley
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Grade 5 Social Studies Learning about Canada
 This project is a cumulation of learning from lessons and readings in Grade Five Social Studies as well, a fun way to present information about Canada to classmates and share through print this information as a trading card. As the student researches for information he/she will explore web sites, e mail towns/cities for information and use books to gather the necessary materials and answers.
 Work individually to research and create the finished project Research and organize information on the four topics given Incorporate the use of a computer to create a product. Use appropriate computer terminology to communicate and present the product. Demonstrate keyboarding, use of text boxes, acquisition of photos and/or pictures from other sources, use of the Internet. Edit and format text to clarify and enhance meaning, using such word processing features as the thesaurus, find change, text alignment, font size and style. Gain information content through the sharing of trading card projects. Document sources obtained electronically, such as web site addresses. Create a multimedia presentation, incorporating such features as visual images (clip art, video clips), and animated images, appropriate to a variety of audiences and purposes.
 NC SCOS Objectives: 1.01 Describe the absolute and relative location of major landforms, bodies of water, and natural resources in the United States and other countries of North America. 1.03 Compare and contrast the physical and cultural characteristics of regions within the United States, and other countries of North America. 1.06 Explain how people of the United States and other countries of North America adapt to, modify, and use their physical environment. 3.06 Compare and contrast the roles various religious and ethnic groups have played in the development of the United States with those of Canada, Mexico, and selected countries of Central America. 3.07 Describe art, music, and craft forms in the United States and compare them to various art forms in Canada, Mexico, and selected countries of Central America.
 Student text books Student Notes taken in class prior to this lesson Computers with Internet and e mail access and Microsoft PowerPoint
 The collection of sports and other cards has been around for more than 100 years. We are going to make our own cards to trade. Each student will make four cards: Canada, Province/Territory, City/town and attraction. Each card will have photo(s) on one side and information about each of the four topics on the back. Happy trading!
 The student is to research: Canada one province/territory one town/city in Canada and; one attraction in Canada that is of interest to them. The student shall go into the Grade five shared folder labeled "Canada-Trading cards." Instructions are on slide one.
 All information gathered will be put on the back of a trading card, which consists of the Title, and photo(s) of the subject on the front.
 Academically Gifted students can extend this lesson by: 1. Adding trading cards about landforms found in Canada 2. Adding trading cards about education in Canada
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student's PowerPoint presentation will be assessed using a rubric (See Attached)
 All completed projects are to be presented to the class as a slide show using sound graphics.
 An Assessment Rubric will be used to measure the progress of stundets and their knowledge of Canada.
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