Lesson Plan : Who do we import goods from?

Teacher Name:
 Lilian Pritchard
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Purpose: Students will identify products in their home that have been imported from other countries. Students will identify which countries belong in these geographical areas: Asia, Africa, Europe, Central & South America, Oceania, U.S. & Mexico. Students will label the importing countries on area maps.
 Expectations:(2004 Curriculum) -identify and describe some countries with which Canada has linkes (e.g., in Europe, the Pacific Rim, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa) - describe some of the connections Canada shares with the rest of the world (e.g. trade) -identify products that Canada imports (and exports) - identify the countries from which Canada imports goods - formulate questions to develop research plans with a statement of purpose (e.g. Why do we import clothing from Asia? Why are appliances not made in Canada?) - locate relevant information about Canada's imports from a variety of primary sources (interviewing parents) and secondary sources (Textbook, Atlas and web sources) - use and construct a variety of graphic organizers and graphs to sort, classify, connect and interpret information (e.g. chart to show import items, country, and world region) - use base maps and a variety of information sources to sketch the relative position of places (e.g. location of trading partners) Language Expectations: - ask and answer questions to obtain and clarify information - contribute and work constructively in groups Math Expectations: - systematically collect, organize, and analyze data - evaluate data and make conclusions from the analysis of data
 - list of items from home that have been imported - Textbook - Discovering Canada's Trading Partners - Atlas - Notebook - Assignment Sheet and Outline Maps
 Teacher reviews vocabulary - import, export, appliance, etc.
 Teacher shows world areas in textbook and on overhead.
 In groups of 4, students create one master list of products, countries, and world regions. Students locate and mark these countries on a series of maps.
 - ESL and IEP students placed in groups with student helpers.
Checking For Understanding:
 - Teacher assists groups, as needed. Teacher shows some country locations on overhead projector.
 - Teacher asks group for their conclusions - from what countries to we appear to import the most? Where are they located? Possible reasons for the trends?
 - Teacher collects maps and charts from each group. Evaluates how successful each group was in locating items and countries.
Teacher Reflections:

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