Lesson Plan : Breakdown of Axis and Allies

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 Mr. Williams
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Rise of Militarism, and US Involvement
 Keys of Japan, Russia, Italy and Germany USA involvement takes place Understanding the governments within the above
 14F - Students who meet the standard can understand the development of United States political ideas and traditions. 16A - Students who meet the standard can apply the skills of historical analysis and interpretation.
 Students will take notes and participate in watching a video discussing the issues that Russian forces faced on the Eastern front. The ability to see differences in American warfare and the use of weapons in Russia. Lack of leadership and the variety of goals that these tyrannical leaders were after.
 Notes, book, video, worksheet
 Start class reviewing and talking about the past assignment that will be graded before anything is started. Explain the schedule for today and Friday
 Begin by outlining key topics and discussing the details needed to be ready for the test to come.
 Notes:Rise of Militarism Section 3 Italy and Mussolini League of Nations- group of countries not associated with Communism or Fascist movements Fascist Party- Benito Mussolini destroyed the communist party and promoted his own ideals within the government stating all areas should be controlled. As with Hitler soon Mussolini gained his dictator powers by the leadership of the King. This promotion gave Mussolini the ability to overthrow politicians and arrest opponents Firsts aggression were against the Ethiopian government to take over oil rights (US Neutral) African Americans protested the neutrality and pushed in large numbers to support Ethiopia only to be settled down by the US government over fear of being drawn into conflict. Stalin USSR Vladimir Lenin- Bolshevik Revolution, USSR left WW I during its end to fight a civil war. Death of Lenin, lead to Joseph Stalin taking Power in 1924. Underhanded and Bloody Totalitarian state- government has complete control over all aspects Opposition were punished, jail and work camps ( 15 million people ) Red Army- military force and police forces became one unit ( 30 Million may have died ) Hitler in Germany Hitler writes his novel Mein Kempf ( My Struggle ) The Third Reich- Nazi storm troopers and Nazi forces took over all government holdings, used people desperation and his vigorous speech to gain momentum. Anti Semitism- Key concept of Hitler and his movement towards one �Arian Race� Franco, Spain Civil War in which Fascists leaders fought against the loyalist, (Americans were on the Loyalist side) Hitler and Stalin both took part in funding opposite sides. Japanese Rise Pride and creation of a new Japanese Empire were main goals Resource control over small independent islands with Japanese heritage was the goal of their aggression. Japan invaded parts of the China mainland proving their aggressive pattern was not limited to small islands, US and the League of Nations protested to no avail. Sect. 4 War Breaks Out Response by US to Fascism- Axis Powers are Created ( Germany, Italy, 1936/ Japan soon after Pearl Harbor ) Munich Conference- gave Germany large parts of Poland, Austria, and Holland and the European Leaders agreed or gave ( APPEASEMENT) turning their heads away to avoid conflict War Breaks- Nonaggression Pact- Aug 23rd of 1939 Signed by Hitler and Stalin agreeing to War against one another September 1, 1939 first moves of aggression officially take place after Germany invades Poland. Due to the treaties of Poland with GB and France they enter the war as allies toward Poland Map on 492 ( Why is Poland an easy Target? ) Look at the growth of Italy and Germany US Response is to give supplies that are bought by countries at war but have to be shipped on foreign vessels. Why ?? Lend Lease Program- Lend Lease Act- $7 billion given to non-axis countries to be spent on supplies that GB and France could not afford. FRIDAY- Winston Churchill- New Prime Minister of GB and possibly greatest leader in GB history Quote on 493 German used a warfare called? Blitzkrieg attacking French Defense on the Maginot Line US involved in the Atlantic first ( German attacks against merchant ships ) Atlantic Charter- Agreement that the US and GB would not forge new land expansion Pearl Harbor- Video on Monday of Attack
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 Worksheet and Class Discussion
 Talk about tomorrow and collect and finish missing assignments
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