Lesson Plan : Europe Map

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 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Europe Regional Atlas
 Europe lat/long, countries bordering the N.Sea, brief history of lat/long in Europe.
 Analyze location of European countries to determine their importance as a seaport at some time in their history and determine which countries would likely be trading partners. Research facts about European countries using Country Profiles in text. ID countries that border the N.Sea & the Black Sea. ID body of water that borders Cyprus and Spain. Locate Latitude/Long of cities throughout Europe.
 Atlas, text, worksheet - Trasnparency 6 Activity 6 Europe
 Project transparency Political Europe. Assign one of the following countries to pairs and have them speculate why these countries might ormight not have been important seaports at some time in their history. Require students to have a raitionale for their answers. *** TEACHER GIVE EXAMPLE OF IRELAND- ALTHOUGH SURROUNDED BY WATER, WAS NEVEWR A MAJOR SEAPORT, PERHAPS BECAUSE THE UK DOMINTATED THE SEA TRADE DUE TO ITS LOCATION ON THE NORTH ATLANTIC SHIPPING ROUTES AND NEAR THE MOUTHS OF SOME OF EUROPE'S BUSIEST RIVERS. 1. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland 2. Ireland, UK the Netherlands 3. Belgium, France, Spain 4. Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovian, Albania and Greece. Ask which countries their group of countris were most likely to trade with during the time in history when sea travel was the only means of long-distance transportation. Looking for logical answers rather than exact.
 Continue with Oral discussion/group contest "who's quickest" to use country profile page to find govt., leading industr and description of physical features?. Continue with students identifying the countries that border the N. Sea and the Black Sea. ID body of water that borders both Cyprus and Spain. Relate history of lat/long - troubles with so many different prime meridians. Student volunteer locates lat/long for 1. Lisbon, Portugal 2. Madrid, Spain 3. Paris, France. Continue with volunteers for locating lat/long for4 capitals of Slovakia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia.
 Worksheet Activity 6 Draw in and label the lines of lat/long for map of Europe. Complete the issing national boundaries. Label Major cities (listed on WS) Label countries (listed on map)
 Allow extra time for AD.
Checking For Understanding:
 Share some completed Tras. WS pages over Elmo Ask for capitals and countries with lat/long.
 accurate completion of activity pages. Test early next week. Discussion and participation.
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