Lesson Plan : European colonization N. America

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Crowder
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Lesson will introduce why European countries colonized North America and what religion, food, traditions, and architecture they brought.
  Pilgrims, Cape Cod, Mayflower Compact
 Students will be able to identify the influence of European countries to North America. They will also learn that European countries came to North America to be able to express the religious beliefs. Students will also be able to describe their food, traditions, and architecture.
 Benchmark B: Describe the cultural patterns that are evident in North America today as a result of exploration and colonization. Indicator 4: Describe the lasting effects of English colonization in North America including religion, food, traditions, and architecture.
 "Sail on the Mayflower!" Game & pieces, worksheet page 29, Social Studies textbook, 18 Social Studies folders with worksheet packets, overhead sheet with six questions for final activity
 Students were given a Pre-assessment on Friday in order to know what they knew. Students are asked to locate the Netherlands, Spain, France, and England on the map in the back of their textbook. Show the correct location on the classroom map.
 Students are to read the Social Studies textbook pages 187-192 regarding this lesson. Students only read on a voluntarily basis. Make stops after particular paragraph readings to ask questions, point out significant items, or to rephrase something as indicated by the post-it notes.
 Students are asked to get out page 29 of the worksheet packet from their Social Studies packet. They are to individually match the correct vocabulary terms. Then discuss the correct connections with the whole class.
 TAG students, Lori, Sally, Ben are to go to the learning center and research/write about their topics previously assigned/choose for them. During the pre-assessment these three mastered this content really well. Tony will need extra supervision during the provided game. He tends to throw things, not cooperate with group, and breaks/rips things.
Checking For Understanding:
 Will be given more practice and details in the next week of lessons.
 Through a short writing prompt, have students pick three of the six questions. They are to write the question number that they select with details following it in order to answer the question to their best ability.
Teacher Reflections:
 Game needed to label North America and Europe for better comprehension among students. Use PowerPoint instead of the reading aloud. Use tradebook or pictures to further engage lesson and understanding. Do not use worksheet because it doesn't really reflect anything to do with the content standards. Instead use more resource items other than the textbook to show the necessary information to students.

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