Lesson Plan : Geography Weather Symbols

Teacher Name:
 Mr. G. Rivera
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Geography Weather Symbols (in the newspapers)
 Our newspaper(s) usually have a chart showing unusual activities that have happened around the world during the week. Students need to recognize the geographic symbol, where it happened, and visualize the wide range of problems in land, culture and government. In the future the student could use this information to make valuable decisions of what kind of job he/she wants as well as the general location of where to live (should they have that option!).
 Students need to learn how to read, translate, and analyze the activities and how it affects a particular country in the scientific, political, and geographical areas.
 Students will developed the ability to read the symbols, analyze what is happening in those countries, and to make a conclusion of the cause and effect based on their interpretation.
 1. Chart of a map with geographical weather symbols 2. Newspaper article showing a map of the weather symbols around the world. 3. Newspapers, magazines, etc, showing the specific damages caused by an earthquake, tornado, cyclone, etc. 4. Web sites (see list of suggested areas to browse).
 Students will be given a geographical chart to learn the symbols for various types of weather. They will also be encouraged to learn basic information about the country where this event is occuring and what the long-term effects could be on the political, economical and health/safety issues of that area.
 Read to the students about the drought on the Klamath Basin.
 Have the students discuss for about 5 minutes the affects of the drought. How did this affect the economy, the migrant workers, income to the farmers and city and the geographical/physical land?
 1. Have a list(s) so they can check them off when completed 2. Give plenty of reminders 3. Break task into small tasks
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Rubrics
 Students will share with others what they learned about the symbol and its effect on the country that they had chosen to learn about. They may use visual photos of the globe, materials from a magazine (such as the National Geographic) or newspaper clippings.
 Worksheet Oral Presentation
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