Algebra Lesson Plans

  • 12 Days of Christmas - Love = Cost? - This project is designed to be used as a warm-up activity during the 12 days preceding Christmas.
  • A Perpendicular Pilgrimage - Students examine the concept of perpendicularly both geometrically and algebraically. Students apply their knowledge by designing safe passage through a two-dimensional obstacle course using only perpendicular line segments.
  • Addition with Negative Numbers - The topic of this lesson is to learn to add positive and negative numbers together.
  • Algebra Game: Activity- Visual simple equation solving.
  • Algebra Wizards - Hey! Are you an Algebra Wizard? It is as easy as one, two, three to be the greatest wizard in all the land. So take out your magic wand and put on your magical thinking hats to see if you too know the magic equation to be an Algebra Wizard.
  • Algebraic Addition- To get the student to realize the rules of signs without the turnoff that he/she may have gotten previously.
  • Algebraic Factoring- To show the geometric basis of algebraic factoring.
  • Algebra- FOIL - The student will understand the procedure for multiplying 2 binomial expressions.
  1. 30-60-90 Right Triangles and Algebra - This lesson covers right triangle relationships of the 30-60-90 triangle.
  2. Angles and Algebra - This lesson covers angle measure for triangles and complementary/supplementary angles.
  3. Area, Arithmetic and Algebra- To show how area of rectangles and squares can motivate the learning of multiplication rules for certain binomials.
  4. Close Your Math - Students complete a role playing activity to build understanding of number concepts. Students use Algebraic Closure throughout six operations to better comprehend and review basic number theory.
  5. Distance over Time - What is velocity and how is it determined? In this lesson plan, students are actively involved in experiments to measure and calculate the magnitude of speed, known as velocity using algebraic terms.
  6. Double This - Does doubled mean to multiply? Does quotient mean subtraction or division? This activity will provide students practice in changing verbal expressions to algebraic equations.
  7. Fractions & Line Graphs - The students will be asked to convert fraction test scores to decimals and then again to percentages.
  8. Fractions , Patterns, and Equations - TLW recognize when it is necessary to use algebraic expressions, patterns and one step equations to solve story problems.
  9. Hands On Equations - Use Variables in contextual situations.
  10. How Old Did You Say? - How Old Did You Say? What an interesting way for students to see and develop algebraic formulas based on their own ages as the known variable.
  11. How Simple Is Your Rational Expression? - Rational expressions are algebraic expressions whose numerator and denominator are polynomials. This lesson simplifies such expressions and identifies values of the variable that must be excluded.
  12. Inequalities on a Number Line - The learner will graph inequalities on a number line by graphing a closed or open point and shade an arrow in the direction of the value of the unknown value (variable).
  13. "It is hip to be a Square" - Compare and contrast special quadrilaterals on the basis of their properties.
  14. Linear Algebra Lessons- The object of this lab is to familiarize you with some of the common techniques used in linear algebra.
  15. Linear relationships that model real world situations - Students will review prior knowledge to recognize,graph and solve linear equations.
  16. Locker Problem- Imagine you are at a school that still has student lockers. There are 1000 lockers, all shut and unlocked, and 1000 students.
  17. Mixed Expressions and Complex Fractions - Algebraic expressions such as (a + b/c), and (5 + (x-y)/(x+3)) are called mixed expressions. Changing mixed expressions to rational expressions is similar to changing mixed numbers to improper fractions.
  18. Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials Using Algebra Tiles- To eliminate the frustration and anxiety involved with Multiplying and Factoring polynomials through the usage of Algebra Tiles.
  19. Multiplying Polynomials - Students will learn how to use polynomial multiplication in real-life problems.
  20. Numbers, Patterns, and Algebraic Thinking - Fifth grade students use spreadsheets to help in their understanding of concepts of numbers, patterns, and algebraic thinking.
  21. Old Poly Factoring - Old Poly factoring is a great reinforcement or enhancement to any algebraic factoring unit. Students are given a set of Old Poly cards and have to match polynomials to their factored forms.
  22. Simplifying and Solving Equations - I want my students to know how to solve equations,graph inequalities, find the solutions.
  23. Solving Equations and Inequalities Using Different Methods - Create scatter plot and draw an informal inference about any correlation between the variables.
  24. Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically - Student will solve a system of equations algebraically.
  25. Sorting Pennies, A Wagering Activity for Algebra 1- To introduce other methods of solving simultaneous equation besides graphing.
  26. Traffic Jam Activity- Here's the problem, which is also sometimes called Traffic Jam.
  27. Using the Distributive Property - Using the distributive property to evaluate expressions and simplify algebraic expressions.
  28. Variables and Expressions Vocabulary - At the end of this lesson the students will be able to identify the key vocabulary words as well as write algebraic expressions.
  29. Who Won the Cross-country Meet? - Using algebraic expressions, the students write a verbal expression into an algebraic expression and then solve the expression. Some of the examples will deal with Who Won the Cross-country Meet?
  30. Writing Algebraic Expressions - Write verbal expressions for mathematical expressions.