Lesson Plan : Simplifying and Solving Equations

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10

 Beginning Algebra, Review-test to see what you know form last year.
 simplifying equations,solving equations,solve equations for given variable,find the solution of inequalities,graph inequalities,writing and graphing inequalities that have written stories.
 I want my students to know how to solve equations,graph inequalities, find the solutions...
 I want my students to behave well. They need to pay attention in class, we don't have very long class times so they really need to pay attention. They also need to take good notes. I want them to try to be here everyday for class. This stuff that we are learning is very important all throughout high school.
 They need to bring paper,book,pencil,and homework, and MIND!!!
 We are focusing on equations and inequalities. We are graphing and solving them, it leads to more greater and better things. : )
 We will do notes everyday. I will work many examples on the board. I will have students come up and work them out. If a child in my class needs extra help, please come up and tell me. Have your parent(s) write a note and we will work something out. I'm willing to help you and please be committed to learning and understanding it better. : )
 We will have homework every night. It gets you more practice. We will usually have time to start your homework in class, so if you have any questions or problems you can come up and ask. Your parents will probably be a good help too. We will also have a quiz every Friday.
 I will help if you need anything. Just come up and ask me when I'm not teaching or helping another student. I will be glad to help you understand it better.
Checking For Understanding:
 Every time we have a quiz,test,or homework-We will grade it or I will grade your tests and quizzes. Then I will hand it back to you and we will do a correction section on every single assignment. That will be our feedback.
 We will do a reflection everyday after class. We will either do it in class or at home as homework. That is us wrapping it up. We will reflect on what we learned that day in class.
 I will grade tests and quizzes. You guys will mostly be grading homework and class practices.
Teacher Reflections:
 If I have a problem with your work, I will call you up the next day I see you and ask you whats going on. I never check anything wrong if I know you know how to do it. I will just ask you.

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