Lesson Plan : Solving Equations and Inequalities Using Different Methods

Teacher Name:
 L. Drake
 Grade 9-10

 Equations and Inequalities can be solved algebraically,graphically, and numerically. Linear Relationships model real world situations.
 Extrapolate a requested data point for a given scatter plot, determine the equation of a line, given two points on the line or the slope of a line and point of a line. Extrapolate requested data values from lines of best fit in scatter plots.
 Aim:Create scatter plot and draw an informal inference about any correlation between the variables. Use a graphing calculator to find an equation for the least squares line and use it to make predictions or estimates.
 Students will learn to make a scatter plot. Students will be able to define what a scatter plot is. Students will formulate data and create a scatter plot. PA Standards 2.2C,2.8K,2.8L,2.8M,2.8P,2.8.8F
 Text:Holt Algebra 2 Book Page 37 Lesson 1.5, , Pacemaker Algebra 1 book page 215. Graphing Calculator.
 Weekly Theme Review-Graphs Weekly Theme- Warm UP-Do Now Journal Entry 5-10 min Quick Warm Up -Inequalities Review 10-15 min
 Activity-Students will formulate a graph using a x-axis and Strategy-Students will explore the concept of scatter plots, expand their knowledge of graphing coordinates, relate real world problems to the scatter plot process. y-axis graphing the coordinates A(1,400),B(3,300), C (6,150), D (8,50) Vocabulary-positive correlation, negative correlation, no reliable correlation, least squares line, scatter plot page 215 Pacemaker book, Algebra 2 Book copy examples of the correlations.
 Exercise 1,2 Algebra 2 book, Pacemaker book page 227 Try These Guided Practice
 Extended time,direct instruction, repeated directions, highlighter,Pacemaker Book.
Checking For Understanding:
 Homework Review definitions, matching definitions, Compare/contrast using Venn diagram negative correlation positive correlation. Student Technology Guide-1.5 (Due Thursday)
 Review Correlations-positive,negative, scatter plots, graphing using calculator. Chapter Quiz 9,10 Pacemaker book Unit review number 1,2,3.
 Quiz-Definitions Identify the types of correlations. Graphing a scatter plot on graphing calculator. Creating a scatter plot after gathering data. Scatter plot group project Due November 2007 using data from sports, weather or other demographics.
Teacher Reflections:
 Refer to Time line Schedule book.

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