Lesson Plan : Algebra Wizards

Teacher Name:
 Charles Crepsac
 Grade 7-8

 Variable-something we don't know, but have to figure out. Solving verbal expressions algebraically.
 -Students will learn the concept of a variable. -Students will learn how to solve written equations and how to use a variable to represent a -given verbal expression.
 -Pencil/Paper -Copies of attached worksheets -Math check list for each student
 -I will begin the lecture by asking students about what qualities they believe a good teacher should have. I will then ask them to think back to when they had a favorite teacher and why? I will now tell the students about about a favorite teacher I had and how long ago I had them. -I will then ask the probing question "How could you figure out how many years ago it was since you had your teacher?
 -I will model and explain using a variable to represent to students how I figured out how many yeasts it has been since I last saw my favorite teacher. -I will explain to students that the way they found the answers to their problems is called algebraic thinking. -I will announce to the class that today they will learn how to use a variable to represent a given verbal expression.
 -On the board I will write 1+n=3 and explain that n is a variable. A variable is something we don't know, but want to find. Just like when we had to figure out how many years ago it was sine they saw their favorite teacher. -I will instruct the students to read the problem as follows, one plus something equals three.
 -I will walk around during the exercise and make sure students are using variable and following the check list. -I will do some guided teaching with students who are appearing to have a difficult time. -I will use repetition and labeling vocabulary words along with definitions. l
Checking For Understanding:
 -After completing the exercise, I will have students share their problems and explain how they solved them.
 -I will ask students what they thought some key concepts of the lesson were.
 -I will use the check list attached to asses whether or not students are able to use a variable that represents a given verbal expression, and check to see if students are able to translate and solve a written problem.
Teacher Reflections:

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