Lesson Plan : Inequalities on a Number Line

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Stroud
 Grade 6

 Vocabulary: Inequality Equal to More than Less than More than or equal to Less than or equal to
 The learner will graph inequalities on a number line.
 The learner will graph inequalities on a number line by graphing a closed or open point and shade an arrow in the direction of the value of the unknown value (variable).
 Smartboard and graph paper
 The student will plot points on a number line that are equal to a whole number value. In plotting points that are equal to, I will put one where the student will be aske to graph a value that is less than to strike interest in the lesson. Ex: x < 5
 The teacher will model to the students how different inequalities are graphed with an open or closed point. Then the teacher will demonstrate to the students how the unknow value (variable) relates to the point, wheteher a value can be the point or not, and if the unknown value is more than or less than the given vlaue. equal to - closed less than - open more than - open less than or equal to - closed more than or equal to - closed
 The student will whether an inequality is an open or closed point. Then the student will be offered an opporstunity to show the direction of the unknown number (variazble) Guided Practice (Show each inequality as open or closed) 1. x = 4 2. p < 5 3. m >_ 6 (greater than or equal to) 4. 7 >_ z (less than or equal to) 5. r > 0
 The CPS allows me to differentiate because the hand held device is tactile and after each question, I can see the percent of students that got the question right and based on the outcome or the percent, I am able to reteach on the spot.
Checking For Understanding:
 The CPS allows me to check for understanding and give feedback.
 Students will tell whether a symbol is closed or open and tell the direction of the unknown number before leaving the class and to ask a question about the lesson.
 I will look at the individual results of the assessment from each student to see if the CPS indicates whether they have mastered the lesson or not.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will reflect on the lesson to see other ways that I can reach the students that did not fully understand the lesson.

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