Lesson Plan : Algebra- FOIL

Teacher Name:
 Caroline McLeod
 Grade 7-8

 Multiplying Binomials using F.O.I.L.
 1. The Student will understand the meaning of the acronym F.O.I.L 2. The student will understand the procedure for multiplying 2 binomial expressions. 3. The student will understand how the use of F.O.I.L to multiply binomials.
 Overhead projector
 1. The attached problem is posted on the board before students arrive to be done as a warm up. (X+7)X(X+3) 2. Students will volunteer to come to the board and show how they solved each problem. 3. If only 1 method was shown by students ask students if anyone has another method of solving the problem.
 1. Explain FOIL- When multiplying two binomials, multiply the "F"irst terms, then the "O"utside terms, then "I" inside terms, and finally the "L"ast terms. -First terms = x*x=x -Outside terms = x*2=2x -Inside terms = 3*x=3x -Last terms = 3*2=6 (x+3)(x+2)=x+2x+3x+6=x+5x+6
 The following problems will be presented to the students to be solved by the student with explanations. If FOIL was not used, explain to the students how to solve the problems with FOIL. (2+2)x(3+2) (7+6)x(8+3) (9-4)x(10+2) (11-3)x(7-4) (x+4)x(x+3) (x+6)x(x-2) (x-5)x(x-4) (x-4)x(x+7)
Checking For Understanding:
 Solve the following expressions, showing your work: 1. 2x(3+7)= 2. 3x(2+3)= 3. 9x(2+3)= 4. 7x(3+7)= 5. (2+3)x(3+9)= 6. (3+7)x(2+7)= 7. (4+8)x(3+6)= 8. (5+6)x(8+3)= Answers 1. 20 2. 15 3. 45 4. 70 5. 60 6. 90 7. 108 8. 121
 Foil is an acronym to help everyone remember the correct order when multiplying two binomials. This method is solving expressions using the distributive property of equality. When multiplying expressions that were all numbers, it is easier to do the addition first then multiply the sums. In these cases we do not use FOIL because there is no need for it. When solving binomials we cannot perform the addition first so we must distribute and FOIL.
 Evaluation will be based on classwork and homework practice problems.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson works out great if you have the time to spend with each student. I would set aside 45 minutes for a class of 20 or more.

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