Lesson Plan : 12 Days of Christmas - Love=Cost?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Jackson
 Grade 6

 The 12 Days of Christmas - How Much Does True Love Costs These Days?
 This project is designed to be used as a warmup activity during the 12 days preceding Christmas. On the first day give the students a copy of the student worksheet. Post the price of the first gift. Students should understand that they will need to purchase a partridge in a pear tree for each of the 12 days. On the chart students will enter 12 for the number of days given, 12 for the number of gifts needed, the price of one gift item posted by the teacher, the cost of this gift (12 x price), and the total to date. On the second day 2 turtledoves are given. This gift is given for 11 days, and so 22 doves are needed (2 x 11 = 22). The price of the gift (a pair of turtle doves) is posted by the teacher, and the students then calculate the cost of this gift (22 x price of one dove or 11 x the price of a pair of doves). The total to date will be the sum of the cost for days 1 and 2.
 By the end of this class students will be able to that information from a chart and determine the relationship that the number have. Computational skills will also be used to determine the costs of items.
 5.04 Use graphs, tables, and symbols to model and solve problems involving rates of change and ratios. Descriptors (pdf, 17kb) | Indicators (pdf, 44kb) | Tasks
 Powerpoint, words to song, student worksheets
 Students will be asked what type of presents they will be getting this year and will be challenged to think about what would happen if their parents followed the 12 Days of Christmas Patterns.
 Students will view a Presentation on the 12 Days of Christmas in both their Language Arts Class and their Math Class. In math we will actually calculate the costs of the gifts as well as expolore the relationship that the number of gifts have with Algebra.
 Students will complete the worksheets including the order form and the Bank Cash form.
 Teacher will circulate during the lesson to assist students. Time will be adjusted if students need more time or extra time on Day 2 of the lessson.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will share with the class their understanding of the problem as well as their solutions.
 Students will share with the class their understanding of the problem as well as their solutions.
 Stduents will have additional assessments on their computation skills and their recognition of patterns as they relate to algebra.
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