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Vocational Education Lesson Plans


Home Economics Lesson Plans

  1. ARE YOU READY FOR WORK? - TSW: demonstrate good grooming & hygiene demonstrate appropriate appearance for the workplace.
  2. Automobile Engine Cooling - Explain why the cooling system of a vehicle is very important to keep the engine running at optimum temperature.
  3. Automotive Technology-W.E.P. - Brake system inspection, NYS inspection guidelines for braking systems, Identifying wear characteristics and safety issues.
  4. Balancing a Tire - The student will be able to balance wheels and tires. Identify different type of wheel weights.
  5. Behaviors that Stop Bullying - Teach students appropriate skills in assertiveness, expression and bullying recognition to avoid bullying and victimization.
  6. Brain Dominance - This lesson should allow the student to become more aware of their learning style and to become more comfortable and confident in the way their brain works.
  7. Cameras and Careers- "Katherine Hummel had students photograph their parents (or other adults) on the job, focusing particularly on the place of work, tools and equipment, goods or services produced, and how school subjects relate to the job."
  8. Careers II - Help learners identify factors in their environments, heredity, culture and life-experiences that have/do influence their interests and life choices.
  9. Careers in Agriculture - Develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities.
  10. Co-op on Camera-Slides Promote Occupational Understanding- "Lillian McCammon and two groups of 20 students each, created and utilized a slide/tape presentation to enhance understanding of the nature of office work and to familiarize students with the office environment. McCammon intended the project to make students aware of not only the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities required for success in office occupations but also the equipment and supplies used for such jobs."
  11. Digital Panoramic Photography - How to set up digital camera for panoramic shots.
  12. Driver Education-Drinking & Driving - To learn about peer pressure relating to driving and drinking.
  13. Fluid Intake - Student will calculate and record oral intake using the metric system with 100% accuracy.
  14. Food Preparation Methods - Apply methods for safety and sanitation, lab procedures and conserving resources.
  15. Front Brake Pad Replacement - Students will understand proper front front disc brake pad replacement service procedures.
  16. Front Hydraulic Fork Assembly - To present front suspension systems,design and operation.
  17. GCSE Food Technology - To introduce students to the GCSE Food Technology course explaining the course contents and a brief resume of the course.
  18. Graduated Drivers Licensing - Students will be able to draw conclusions about the need for graduated driver licensing and make inferences about teen driving behaviors.
  19. Hazards on the Job Site - Students will understand some of the basic warnings while welding.
  20. How to use the computer. - Individuals will be able to develop and or maintain basic skills needed for using the computer.
  21. Introduction to Agriculture - Students will develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities and personal development.
  22. Introduction to Computers - To introduce students to the various categories of computers.
  23. Laying out and Cutting a Rafter - Upon completion of this lesson you should have the basic skills to layout and cut any basic roof rafter with any given roof pitch.
  24. Making Proper Welds - To successfully identify at least three different types of Inspection and/or Testing.
  25. Measuring With A Metric Ruler - Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role of measurement in engineering, manufacturing, and construction processes and technology.
  26. Pain Management - The goal of this lesson is to ensure optimal patient comfort through a proactive pain control management plan.
  27. Photoshop Brush Using Photography - Using student photography to create brushes in Photoshop.
  28. Playground Project - Students are to be able to design, develop and equip a playground that meets the state & NAEYC guidelines.
  29. Preparing a Budgeting Spreadsheet - Ability to define and create a budget using Excel.
  30. Promoting Yourself Through Advertising- A lesson from Kodak.
  31. Safety In The Auto Safety Shop - Know how to identify shop dangers.
  32. Shop Fair Project - Students will use creativity and trade knowledge, to construct a plumbing and or heating project to be displayed at shop fair.
  33. Spreadsheets - Students will learn spreadsheet terminology and skills.
  34. Summer Job Prep. Bicycle Repair - To test and grade student on there ability to build and maintain a bicycle and to work with others in a controlled work environment.
  35. The Changing Role of Technology - TLW Describe the changing role of technology and its effect on society.
  36. The Visible PC An Overview - To familiarize the students with the basic elements of the computer using Lecture, Power Point presentation, Overhead slides, physical hardware, and pertinent tools
  37. USB Data Recovery - Changes in versions of USB transfer rates and capacity of memory devices.
  38. Welding - The students will Braze weld two pieces of mild steel and produce a joint that is compatible to industrial standards.
  39. Welding and Allied Processes - The overall goal of this class is to fully understand the differences of the many types of welding processes.
  40. What Do You Know About Money? - Students will be able to: Know a brief history of money.
  41. Wiring a Table Lamp - Introduction to the basics of wiring a table lamp. Safety, tools and materials required, step-by-step instructions.

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