Lesson Plan : What Do You Know About Money?

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8

 What Do You Know About Money? Do you know what a loan is or anything about personal finance.
 Financial literacy. Personal Budgeting. Influence of media/advertising/peers/parents/society on attitudes towards money. Credit cards. Credit score. Minimum wage
 Students will be able to: Know a brief history of money. Understand the influence of media/advertising/peers/parents/society on their attitudes about money. Begin to understand the difference between necessity and want. Be aware of credit cards and what it means for them.
 Students will break up into small groups to complete handout puzzle on "What do you know about money."
 Handouts; markers;poster board;pencils;calculators;newspapers/scissors/glue;play money.
 Hand out play money ($500 each) and ask them to think about how they will spend the money. Have them each write down specifically what they would spend the money on. Sharing
 How did they decide what to spend their money on? What influenced their decisions? Media/advertising/peers/family/society? If they made minumun wage, how long would it take them to make $500?
 Have students use calculator to determine how long it would take them to make $500. Students will then look at other means the have for income. If they could have any job, what would it be? What type of lifestyle do they want for themselves in the future?
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be evaluated based on their experience of their career. They can report back using a wide variety of methods including PowerPoint, Oral Presentation, Written Report, or Class Debate
 Students will be given a mini task career. They must develop a budget for one month of living expenses. They must locate sources for loans and credit.
Teacher Reflections:
 This was a very fun unit for students they loved the imagination involved. I would love to incorporate a career day of sorts.

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