Lesson Plan : Fluid Intake

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth M. Conly
 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 Calculating fluid intake nursing home residents
 Fluids counted as intake, converting from household to metric system,
 Student will accurately record residents' fluid status
 Student will calculate and record oral intake using the metric system with 100% accuracy.
 Cups, bowls, graduate cylinder, specimen cup, medicine cup with measurements, water, food dye., DVD player,projector, screen, DVD on "Calculating Intake and Output"
 Food tray set up on table in front of classroom with partially eaten food and partially empty cups and bowls. Ask students, "How do I know what my patient drank and ate from this tray?" Have students raise their hands if they have a suggestion and then give feedback.
 Explain and review what they need to know before they can calculate intake; How much each container holds in ml. How much is left in each container. How to subtract remainder from capacity to get intake. What fluids and foods are counted as intake What is not counted
 In skills lab, have various trays set up at different stations. Have the students work in pairs to calculate intake from each tray.
 ADHD students - Assist with independent practice by checking for understanding more frequently and staying close to help them stay focused.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student goes through a skills station where they are to calculate intake for the 5 virtual residents. The observer grades each station and gives immediate feedback. Students can repeat each station until 100% accuracy is achieved.
 Which patients need to have an accurate measure of fluid intake? Why? Group exercise to tie in what students have learned in anatomy and physiology about cardiovascular and renal disorders.
 Students go through skills lab and must accurately record intake for 5 virtual residents.
Teacher Reflections:

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