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Numbering Lesson Plans, Numbers Lesson Plans

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Subtract 1

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Addition Series 1

Addition Starter Pack 1

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  1. Learning Your Numbers and Number Words - Match number words to the number they represent.
  2. My Counting Caterpillar - To practice counting orally to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s.
  3. Number Recognition - The lesson will focus on counting from one to ten, and the students ability to correspond number recognition, counting and object correspondence when counting pumpkins.
  4. Numbers 0-10 - The learner will identify, write, and model numbers 0-10.
  5. Ordinal Numbers - Children use numbers in their ordinal sense as they line up, tell about placements in a race, or describe the order of events.
  6. Positions - Students will be able to discuss ordinal numbers and ordinal number words and discriminate between these.
  7. Prime Numbers - Students will be able to identify numbers less than or equal to 100 as prime and composite numbers.

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