Lesson Plan : Counting To Ten

Teacher Name:
 Kathleen Van Zuylen

 Counting from one to ten. No zeroes here.
 Lesson will focus on number recognition and counting from one to ten.
 1. Students will reinforce ability to count to ten 2. Students will reinforce number recognition 3. To demonstrate object correspondence with number recognition - count out that spiders have eight legs need eight paper strips
 1. Students will learn through repetition with the story 2. Students will work independently to complete spiders and counting 3. Students will apply the knowledge gained from group lesson to their independent work
 Story book : How many legs ? A book about counting by Lori C.Froeb each student will need: 1 cut out black circle 8 black paper strips 2 googly eyes 1 worksheet glue
 1. Review students counting skills by having them count from one to ten 2. Have the students discuss how many legs certain Halloween animals/ things to reinforce both counting and Halloween vocabulary
 1. Read the story How Many Legs? 2. As the story is being read students will repeat counting the legs of each animal up to 10
 1. Students will be creating their own spiders, so I will show them a completed spider so they have a visual of what they will be creating 2. Count all together the number of legs the spider has
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Check to see each student counted how many legs there were 2. Ask students to circle the number of legs the spider has at the bottom of the page to check their number recognition
 1. Have the students count to ten again to reinforce their counting skills
 1. Check the students work at the end of the lesson to make sure it is fully completed
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson took longer than expected so I will make sure that I have a better estimate of how much time my lessons will take up. I also feel that i could have done a better job at managing the noise level and disruptions during the lesson. Overall the lesson was a success and the students loved the activity and the story.

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