Lesson Plan : Counting the Sky

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Carlos
 Grade 3

 The nights sky's stars.
 Using mathematical predictions to determine the number of stars in a specific picture.
 To build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving. Analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.
 Try to come up with ways to predict the number of stars in a predetermined area. Brain storm differnet ideas of getting an answer without counting every star.
 Large picture of the night sky to show on the smartboard. Paper and pencil to make predictions.
 Start a discussion about stars with the class. Show the class pictures of stars and star clusters.
 Have a small section of stars on the smartboard, and let the class know how many stars are contained in that area. Use our math skills to determine how many stars are in a larger section on stars.
 Draw as many stars on the chalkboard as possible. Have the students participate also. Once we have finished drawing stars, we can make some predictions about how many stars are on the board.
 Let the class know that making predictions is a very tricky thing, and that every guess as long as its educated is an acceptable answer.(with in reason)
Checking For Understanding:
 Once each student has finished their counting or predicting, they can make predictions on how far they think the moon is from earth.
 Lastly, the class can take another look at different pictures of stars on the smartboard.
 Hopefully most of the class will have many different guesses or ideas of how to make predictions. Try this same lesson a few days later to check for understanding.
Teacher Reflections:

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