Lesson Plan : Counting My Body Parts

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 Mrs. Mowry

 Counting My Body Parts Lesson
 Keys vocabulary would be parts of the body and numbers up to 10.
 The students should be able to add different parts of the body to come up with the total. For example: How many fingers do you have on one hand? on two? How many do you have on both hands?
 Based off the Indiana Academic Standards 1. K.2.1-Model addition by joining sets of objects (for any two sets with fewer than 10 objects when joined). 2. K.2.2-Model subtraction by removing objects from sets (for numbers less than 10). 3. K.2.3-Describe addition and subtraction situations (for numbers less than 10).
 Large construction paper Pencils Crayons A Marker to label the body parts
 Counting The Body Parts
 First the students will trace themselves on a piece of paper. This may take a while, so having a couple of adults to help the students trace their bodies will help with time. After the students have traced themselves, they will color their hair, eyes, etc. Then the adults will label different body parts with a bold black marker. After this is done, the adult or teacher will hang up the students pictures of their bodies on the wall. The teacher can then ask the students different questions such as "How many figers do you have? or How many people have green eyes? Do this until the time is up and
 This activity will need to have at least 2 adults to help supervise and trace the students.
 If the students need help identifying their body parts, you can go over the words before asking the questions. Or while asking the questions, the teacher or adult can point to the different body parts the questions are about.
Checking For Understanding:
 After this is over, the students should be able to identify different body parts and be able to add and subtract number under 10.
Teacher Reflections:

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