Lesson Plan : Ordinal Numbers

Teacher Name:
 Rocio Flores
 Grade 1

 Mesurement and Geometry: Ordinal Numbers
 Mathemathics Standards: Mesurement and Geometry: 2.4 Arrange and describe objects in space by proximity, position, and direction.
 Children use numbers in their ordinal sense as they line up, tell about placements in a race, or describe the order of events. In this section, children practice using ordinal numbers for first through tenth.
 Identify ordinal numbers from first through tenth.
 Teacher's Math Book, Student's Math Packets, ordinal number cards, overhead, overhead pattern blocks
 Yesterday you learned about numbers that show patterns. Today you are learning about numbers that tell pisition.
 (I do) . Make a row of five shapes. Tell children to count how many shapes are in the row. . Explain that you can identify where the shapes are in line by using ordinal numbers. Then point to each shape and say: first, second, third, fourth, fifth. . Have volunteers point to different shapes based on your directions. For example, say: Point to the second shape in the row. . Ask questions such as: Where is the tenth shape? How many shapes are in the second row?
 Teacher will: . Ask 10 volunteers to line up facing the class. Have them turn to face right and count 1 to 10 as you touch each child's shoulder. . Then give each child the corresponding ordinal card. Read the ordinal number, and have children repeat after you. . After all ten children in line have been given cards, ask questions such as: Who is fourth in line? Who is sixth in line? . Then have children mix up and ask volunteers to help you rearrange them in the correct order. . Students due page 215 in their math packet with teacher.
 Teacher does hands-on and overhead activity to help knistetic Learners and visual learners understand this lesson better. These activities are also helpfull to English Language Learners.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students due Ordinal Numbers page 216 in their math packet.
 Teacher asks: What have you learned today? Students should answer: Ordinal Numbers Teacher will ask more about ordinal numbers to check for understanding. Closure: Yesterday you learned about numbers that show patters. Today you learned about numbers that tell position.
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