Lesson Plan : Counting with Dr. Seuss

Teacher Name:
 Kim Gordner
 Special Education

 Teaching math skills using a literature-based activity in celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd.
 Primary Subject: Language Arts Secondary Subjects: Art; PE; Math Key Vocabulary: Man; Dr. Seuss; Birthday; Count; "10"/Ten (numeral and word); Apple; Up; Top
 The student will use numbers and count.
 The student will count correctly up to 10 using one number for each object (may not always keep track of what has or has not been counted)
 "Ten Apples Up On Top" by Dr. Seuss; photo of Dr. Seuss; picture of a birthday cake; an apple; 10 die cut apples; flannel board; 10 bean bags; sandwich-sized paper plates; pre-cut photos of students; brown and black yarn (pre-cut); 6 long narrow strips of large white construction paper; 6 apples cut in half; yellow and red tempera paint; 4 meat trays; magic marker; tape; 6 glue sticks; 3 bottles of white glue
 "Today I am going to read you a new book (show book). It is written by this man (show photo), Dr. Seuss. He wrote a lot of fun books for kids. Today is his birthday (show picture of birthday cake). This book is about 10 apples (show real apple). Can you help me count to "10"? Place apples vertically on flannel board one at a time, counting to "10". (Number "1" is placed at bottom and numbers go up to "10"). We are counting "up" to "10" and "10" in on top!"
 Teacher reads aloud "Ten Apples Up On Top" during Story Time. Demonstrate "up" and "top" when words are used in story. Count number of apples on each page for students.
 Have student practice balancing bean bag "apples" on head. Count how many bean bags each student can balance on his/her head.
 *Donovan will need two apple halves to be adapted for him. A Popsicle stick will be pushed into the back of each apple half so it will easier for him to hold when making prints.* (a half for each color)
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will count the apples on the strip. If a student has difficulty with counting, teacher will have student repeat verbal cues made by teacher. Possible Feedback: Good Try; Good Job!; Try Again; You Did It!
 After the strips are dry, teacher will attach the long strips of apple print to the top of the paper plate to illustrate apples being balanced on a head.
 Once paper plate heads are displayed, teacher will have students count the apples on several different "heads" to check for mastery.
Teacher Reflections:

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