Lesson Plan : Equivalent Names

Teacher Name:
 Miss Alvo
 Grade 3

 Finding Equivalent Names
 Finding equivalent names for numbers Key vocabulary-Name Collection Boxes
 Students will be able to find equivalent names for the numbers.
 Students will be able to review the idea that there are many names for a number.
 Math Journal,Everything math deck
 Students will answer the following questions: 2+12, 15-1, 7+7, 24-10, and a dozen and 2 more. When discussing the answers, students will discover that these are all names for the number 14 and we will make a name collection box for the number 14 and students will add 3 more name to the box.
 Students will do 2 more name collection boxes on the board with me for the numbers 25 and 45 and come up with 5 names for each.
 Students will practice finding eqivlant names by playing the game name that number. Students will place 5 cards face up and then turn one more card over. This card will be the "target number" and the students will have to find names for this number. Students will have to use the 5 cards that are face up to find names for the target number. If they find 2 cards they can use to make the number, they get to keep those 2 cards and replace them with 2 new cards. If they cannot name the target number with any of the 5 cards, they lose their turn and turn over a new card to be the target number. Play continues until the cards are gone and the student with the most cards at the end of the game wins. This game will help reinforce the students ability to find equivalent names for numbers.
 If students are having trouble, I will help them and give them easier numbers to name names with. They can also use a number line if they need and in extreme circumstances a calculator.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete the homelinks 1.6 page for homework and it will be checked for understanding.
 I will have the students each give me one name for the name collection box for the number 50.
 I will evaluate the students by checking their homework and giving them a quiz on equivalent names a few weeks later.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think the studenst really enjoyed the game and it helped them understand how to find equivalent names for numbers. It got them thinking about different ways to make the same number and really helped them understand the concept. I would definitely use this game again and do this lesson again.

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