Lesson Plan : Positions

Teacher Name:
 Andrea R. Frashure

 Ordinal numbers and positional words
 Ordinal numbers Positional numbers First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth
 Students will be able to discuss ordinal numbers and ordinal number words and discriminate between these.
 Students will identify ordinal numbers. Students will recognize ordinal numbers in words. Students will discriminate between ordinal numbers and ordinal number words.
 Smart Board presentation Post-It note numbers Shape sheet
 Take students outside. Explain to students that they are going to take part in a race. When they pass the finish line they should line up against the wall in the order they finished. Ask students what place they finished in. Do they say one or first? Explain that these are called ordinal numbers. Count off students all the way to the tenth position.
 Show students a Smart Board presentation that shows ordinal numbers and ordinal number words. Count using ordinal numbers and tell students what ordinal numbers mean. It means the order objects are put in. Put animals in an order while talking it aloud so students can hear what you are doing (I am putting the cow in the first position, etc). Have students tell you what number first is (Is it 1, 2, 3, 4, etc). Continue with putting foods in order.
 Pass out Post-It notes with numbers on it to students. Have them put themselves in order first through tenth. Have the students that are sitting at their seat be the judges to determine they are in the correct space. Have students who are sitting take the place of a person. For example, stand behind the person in the fourth position. Sally, stand behind the person in the seventh position. When all students are in a specific place in line have each group do activities. For example, if you are standing if the first position do ten jumping jacks.
 Advanced Students: Read sheet to self and complete. At the bottom create own activity and have partner complete. The student gives the partner the directions and what ordinal number to color, circle, or underline. On Level: Read to self and complete. Strategic: Work with teacher in small group to read and complete.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check students worksheet. Did they follow directions? Did they circle, color, underline the correct ordinal number? Give specific feedback on the paper.
 Bring students back together. Show another Smart Board presentation with people in a race. Randomly choose students to run Smart Board (change with each ordinal number). The person in the red finished first, the person in the green finished second, etc.
 -Measure based on participation. -Did students reach mastery on worksheet?
Teacher Reflections:
 -Were all students actively engaged? -Did students enjoy the lesson? -Did students reach mastery (90% or above) on worksheet? -What could be changed if this lesson is completed again? -How can I build on this lesson?

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