Lesson Plan : Number Recognition

Teacher Name:
 Miss Van Zuylen

 Counting, Number recognition and object correspondence
 The lesson will focus on counting from one to ten, and the students ability to correspond number recognition, counting and object correspondence when counting pumpkins.
 Students will be able to count from one to twenty. Students will be able to recognize number recognition and object correspondence when they are taking the number of pumpkins off the board for each number plate they have. They must demonstrate that they recognize what number is on their plate and then demonstrate that they know how many pumpkins to pull off the patch.
 Students will work cooperatively and take turns with each number and take turns counting and pulling pumpkins off the board. Students will demonstrate their counting abilities through a hands on activity and through experience.
 20 plates made into pouches and are numbered from one to twenty. A green Bristol board that serves as the pumpkin patch. At least 50 or more foam pumpkins that are Velcro to the board and can be pulled off by the students.
 Read a story about pumpkins, and then have the students collectively count from one to twenty.
 Explain that the board is a pumpkin patch, and demonstrate how to gently pull off the pumpkins. Have half the class doing the activity at a time the other half will be working on the other student teachers activity from the day before. Hand out the different numbered plates to each student. Take a numbered plate and have a student tell me which number is on the plate, and then have the class help me count out how many pumpkins to pull off the patch so they know how to do the activity.
 Each student can take turns with the different number of plates and take off the correct number of pumpkins from the patch. Students can take turns with the different plates that way they can practice counting as many numbers as possible within the time frame I have.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will walk around to see that the students are making the correct number of pumpkins for each number to know which students understand the concepts and which ones are still struggling to understand them.
 I will know the lesson has been a success when I can see the children independently demonstrate putting the correct number of pumpkins in the corresponding pouches.
Teacher Reflections:
 I felt that the lesson went well, but in the future I may make the groups even smaller. Since the group was a bit large the students had to wait longer to take turns and this had some of the students not engaging which lead to disruptions and distractions. Altogether the lesson went well and the students seemed to enjoy the activity.

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