Lesson Plan : Learning Your Numbers and Number Words

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Diekman
 Grade 1

 Number Words 0-10
 zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
  Identify/recognize number words 0-10 in their environment. Match number words to the number they represent.
 Students will be able to identify and recognize number words on a flash card and/or worksheet. Students will be able to match number words to the number they represent.
 Number word flash cards Worksheets "Wonderful Work" and "School Tools"
 Review number word flash cards with students.
 Go over number word flash cards with students. Show the number word, and then show how to self-check by looking on the back of the flash card at the number. Have students read the number words as a whole group. Then show them the back of the card so they can see if they were correct.
 "Wonderful Work" worksheet. Have students study the picture on the worksheet, Ask them questions A-E about the picture. Together decide the answers to each question. Point to the number word key so students may use this source to help them identify and write the number word correctly.
 Give students who need further assistance, the number word flash cards so they can use them as a resource to help them complete their worksheets.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review number word flash cards for the remainder of the class period. Have students review one by one, or review as a whole group if everyone has completed their worksheets.
 Tell the students that number words are everywhere. Knowing how to read and identify number words will help us in everyday life. Tell the students we will continue to talk about number words tomorrow.
 Were the students able to correctly identify the number words on the worksheets given. Evaluation also based on teacher evaluation.
Teacher Reflections:

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