American Revolutionary and Civil Wars

- Reading Passage
- Thirty-five Pages

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Who Created the Constitution?

- Super Series
- Explorers Leaders

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United States History Lesson Plans

American Presidents | Black History Month | Civil War

Elections and Voting | Flag Day | Martin Luther King Jr.

States of America | United States Constitution | Women's History

  1. Contrasting the North and South during the Civil War - Evaluating characteristics of the regions pre-war.
  2. Criminal Justice Today - Student will have a working knowledge of the history of crime in america and how the UCR work.
  3. Founding Fathers - The student understand traditional historical points of reference in U.S. history from 1877 to the present.
  4. George Washington's Presidency - Discuss the steps Washington took to make the new government work.
  5. Gandhi: A Memoir - Gandhi's appearance, personality and beliefs, and their contribution to India's Independence.
  6. National Geographic Explorer - To have the students work together to gain information about Sacagawea. To have the students use their skills as reporters to gain information.
  7. New Deal Classroom Activities- 5 lessons on FDR.
  8. New York City - Take a look at the Bug Apple.
  9. Poetry and Paul Revere - Review concepts of basic poetry reviewing the role Paul Revere played during the American Revolution.
  10. Progressive Reform Era - Students understand how economic factors have influenced historical events.
  11. Shopping at the Market - This lesson introduces Mexican food and the history behind it.
  12. The Evolution of The African American Experience - I will use two key figures in history (Frederick Douglass & Martin Luther King) to illustrate both the late Antebellum period and Civil Rights movement.
  13. The Korean War - The student will understand the origin of the Korean war, as well as its lasting effects.
  14. The Man Who Was Almost A Man - Students will make connections between the events and social attitudes of the time period, its influences on the author and the author's work.
  15. The Seven Wonders of the World - The students will be able to identify, locate and explain the 7 wonders of the world.
  16. United States History Lesson Plans by George Cassutto- Offers a great number of lesson plans aimed at the 7th grade.
  17. United States Winter Celebrations - Students will be able to identify the history of winter holidays in their own families and communities.
  18. U.S. History Timeline Web Links - They will identify if the web sites are vaild sourses then students will create a resource for others to use when studing United States historical events.
  19. Valuing Culture and Ethnicity - The students will be able to identify cultural and ethnic influences and characteristics in art.

American President Series

- All 44 Presidents In Depth
- Challenges and Achievements

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50 States of America Series

- All 50 States of America
- Great Reading Activities

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