Lesson Plan : Founding Fathers

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Crowley
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Founding Fathers
 George Washington Thomas Jefferson John Adams Benjamin Franklin
 The student understand traditional historical points of reference in U.S. history from 1877 to the present.
 Apply absolute and relative chronology through the sequencing of significant individuals, events, and time periods.
 Video Clip on Youtube.com Outline of body Fill in the blank notes Power point White Board Dry erase markers Markers Color pencils
 Bell Ringer- That is matching individuals to events they were involved with. The questions will be printed on a white piece of paper and given to the students as they walk through the door. Students are to do individually and we will go over the answers as a class.
 Have a class discussion about interesting facts about individual fathers. Explain facts that will help them member and make connections to. Ex. Benjamin Franklin invented the stove and we use them today.
 As a class we will take a few notes with a power point. The notes will be printed on paper and will be fill in the blank. Students will follow along, and ask questions. The notes will also have room for side notes. Afterward the students will write down important facts on the white dry erase board.
Checking For Understanding:
 Walking around the room while students work. Talking with students and giving feedback and additional information.
 Watch a short funny music video clip about the founding fathers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZfRaWAtBVg
 Use a Informal assessment of walking around and checking for invidual understanding. Give students feedback and additional information.
Teacher Reflections:

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