Lesson Plan : U.S. History timeline web links

Teacher Name:
 Lourdes Georges
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Students will learn how to connect with resourses on the web. They will identify if the web sites are vaild sourses then students will create a resource for others to use when studing United States historical events. The sites will be added to a calss web page organized in a timeline format.
 --Students will be able to expand reading chomprehension by analyzing and interparateing information foud on the web. (NETS standard 3 --students will use techn. to inhance learning. ELA standard 1--reading to aquire info involves....using knowledge from electronic sourses. IRA standard 8 -- students will read a wide range of resources...to gathar and synthiesize info.) --Students will understand historical time and chronology and intperate major events in US history by viewing web sites. (NETS standard 4 -- students use tech to locate, evaluate and collect info. ELA standard 2 --- studets will...read electronic texts...and develop an understanding of historical demensions. IRA standard 2 students will...build an understanding of the many dimensions of human expernce.) --Students will put valid US history web sites on a classroom web page. (NETS standard 3-- students will use tech.in constructing models, preparing publications and producing creative works. ELA standard 1 studets will use the english lang. to transmit info. IRA standard 6-- students will apply knowledge of...media techniques).
 Students will find approprate historical web ssites, read and anlalyze the infromation on the site and determine if it is valid. Students will determine if the sites will fit into the scope of the project. Students will work together to make a web page that contains historical likes that are valid and arraged chronologically in a timeline.
 computers with internet acess, web page making capablilities and a handout which explaines who to determine wheather a web site is valid.
 Students will be seated at a computer. The teacher will give students a site that is not valid to look up. When the studets examine the site the teacher will askm the studets wheater the site is valid or not and if they know how to determine wheater a web site is valid.
 Studets will be given a handout with questions for them to answer regarding a web site they find about history. The hand out will contain information such as Does the author of the site give his name, is t clear who is sponcering the site and is the information biased?
 The teacher and students will go on-line and search for sites about an event in hostory. Once they find one, the class will answer the validity questions.
 Studetns who work at a faster pase may find more than one site on thier subject or be given another period of time to seach. Students who work at a slower pase may be asked to only search the net for a topic w/o determining if it is valid, or they may be paired with anothor student who may help them to determine wheather the site is valid.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will answer the questions about each site and the teacher will screen the site before adding it to the list for the class web page.
 The class will come up with a design for the web page using the information they gathered.
 Teacher will monitor student achievement by observing them search and asking them questions about the site they found.
Teacher Reflections:

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