High School Social Studies Lesson Plans Number 50 to 100

  1. "As I See It" - Considering a topic from various points of view.
  2. Breakdown of Axis and Allies - Students will take notes and participate in watching a video discussing the issues that Russian forces faced on the Eastern front.
  3. Civil War And Slavery - After this the students should be able to explain to me why the South was winning all the Battles what type of war fare they used and that the North was industrial and that was why they would outlast the South.
  4. Colonial Settlement - To understand the political, economic, and social roots of colonial settlements.
  5. Economics - Students will understand the role of a federal consumer agency: its purpose, its activities, and its limitations.
  6. Famous Trial Project - Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understandingof major ideas, eras, themes, developments, and turning points in the history of the United States and New York.
  7. Get Out and Vote! - Students will learn through a hands-on experiment why voting is important and will also learn the potential impact of deciding not to vote or voting without wisely researching candidates.
  8. Greek Mythology Realtion To Life - Students will understand the similarities and differences between Ancient Greeks contemporary Americans.
  9. Gilded Age Politics - I will start class off with a short review of key terms, figures and events that we have learned so far in Unit 5.
  10. How a Bill Becomes a Law - Students will be able to describe the process a bill must follow to become a law.
  11. Immigrants - Students will work on the worksheet on how they felt about hearing a language they did not understand.
  12. Issues leading to Progressivism - : Students will be able to analyze the economic, political, and social reforms of the Progressive Period.
  13. Labor Organizers - Students will gain basic understanding of how big business grew in America in the late 1800's.
  14. Lexington and Concord - Identify key figures in the battles and understand the significance of each of their roles.
  15. Media Literacy - The student will demonstrate critical thinking in evaluating the reliability and validity of information found through electronic resources.
  16. Models of Competition - Students will understand the various market structures.
  17. Nation Divided - Students will develop understanding in challenges facing the ehtnic groups of immigrants and native americans.
  18. New Industrial Age - The student is expected to identify the major eras in U.S. history from 1877 to the present and describe their defining characteristics.
  19. Postwar Troubles - Introduction the beginning of the social changes of the 1920's Labor Issues and fears that were in place with changes from WW I to no war.
  20. Presidential Election - Students will know who the two major candidates that will be running for election are and what party they are affilied with.
  21. Reconstruction - The three phases of Reconstruction and the measure of their success.
  22. Segregation, Discrimination -
  23. Sensing The World - The students will be able to perform at a mastery level of understanding on a lesson review quiz at the end of classs.
  24. Starting An American Revolution - For students to understand and appreciate the many struggles the colonists had to endure in order to be free from British rule.
  25. The 1920's - expect my students to be able to compare and contrast the 1920's with what it's like today in our time period.
  26. The Flapper: The Modern Woman - By the end of this lesson students should have an understanding of the flapper and the double standards between men and women.
  27. The New Deal - For the student to understand relief, recovery and reform and to be able to discuss and understand some New Deal Programs.
  28. This Weekend In Current Events - A lesson based on the concept of current events.
  29. Truman Worksheet/Cold War in Asia - My focusing event will be asking the students to recap the information learned about the Marshall Plan and Truman doctrine from last class.
  30. WW II in Europe - Students will be able to understand their understanding of the war and what things are considered moral in war.

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