Lesson Plan : Civil War And Slavery

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Noyes
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Civil War
 1. Major battles of the war 2. Northern and Southern General's 3. Civil war and slavery
 Gettysburg, Bull Run, Sherman's March all major battle why? Have the students understand what was so big about each of these battles and what general led each and why it was such a big deal that the North/South won that battle. Draw a diagram of why the south was winning most of the battles comparing and contrasting different war tactics. Explain the role of Civil War and slavery, the effects of the Civil War on the way of life in the South and what each side (slave and White where left with)
 After this the students should be able to explain to me why the South was winning all the Battles what type of war fare they used and that the North was industrial and that was why they would outlast the South. The Students should also be able to explain me why the South had such good generals and why the North was lacking good generals. the students should also be able to explain what it was like after and during the Civil War and slaves were being freed, where they went, what they did, how they made money and so on.
 Computer, for pictures of plantations, Map's of Sherman's March, and to show were the major battles were fought.
 Breaking the class up, one third the North, one third the South and the other third the Slave/Freedmen. Ask each group 1. how they fought the war, 2. what benefits they had the others didn't have during the war - just to measure how much they know already, kind of let the class start the discussion and lead along the lines I set up above.
 Take what each side says in the activity give them factual background and detail, names, dates, places and explain what was so significant about each battle for both side the North and South and effect on the slaves.
 Have them trace General Sherman's March on a blank map and draw in the division line of the North and South and write what the benefits are on either side.
 If a child is not good at testing and has an IEP that states they need one-on-one test taking then I will give them and alternate assignment that they need to do- which would be a take home question the day of the lesson to be returned the next day the question for today's assignment is- What were the benefits the North had over the South in the War and why was it significant?
Checking For Understanding:
 Reading on the Civil war in the text book the section on the end of the Civil War in preparation for the next class
 Any questions? confusion?
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