Lesson Plan : Economics

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 Mr. Jones
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Economics Economic systems enable societies to produce and distribute goods and services.
  The three basic economic questions societies ask are: (1) What goods and services should be produced? (2) How should these goods and services be produced? and (3) Who consumes these goods and services? An economic system is the way a society decides to answer these three economic questions
 In which economy do communities generally have a low standard of living? Government programs that protect people experiencing unfavorable economic conditions are The chapter focuses on the consumerism movement, discussing the various public and private agencies that provide information and help with consumer problems. A discussion about consumer responsibility concludes the chapter.
 The chapter explains how consumers can make rational choices regarding their disposable and discretionary income by basing their decisions on opportunity costs. Also explored are the three basic buying principles used by wise consumers and how to distinguish between competitive advertising and informative advertising to make good consumer decisions.
 Disposable income is defined as As a consumer, your responsibilities include
 Students will understand the role of a federal consumer agency: its purpose, its activities, and its limitations.
 There is an economic role for government to play in a market economy whenever the benefits of a government policy outweigh its costs. Governments often provide for national defense, address environmental concerns, define and protect property rights, and attempt to make markets more competitive. Most government policies also redistribute income.
Checking For Understanding:
 Using the information you gathered from this site, answer the following questions. 1. According to the Web site, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs is “at your service” in what ways? 2. What “Hot Topics” are the most useful for you to read and learn about? 3. What information should consumers provide to the Georgia Governor's OCA when filing a complaint? 4. What agency or organization helps consumers check the reliability or reputation of a business? 5. The ideal candidate for a job with the Georgia Governor's OCA should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, independent research abilities, and computer literacy. Write a letter to the state Office of Consumer Affairs listing your skills and abilities, focusing on how you would be interested in developing educational materials and helping consumers with marketplace issues. Be sure to incorporate your recently acquired knowledge about the agency's purpose and place in consumer affairs.
 Student Web Activity Answers Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs champions the interests of consumers and help to defend against unfair, deceptive or fraudulent business practices. Through their outreach efforts, they want to educate every Georgian about their rights and responsibilities in the marketplace. This helps to ensure not only fairness to both consumers and businesses, but a better quality of life for everyone. By assuming an activist role and enforcing consumer protection laws throughout the state of Georgia, they strive every day to remedy injustices and foil unscrupulous schemes that are often aimed at the most vulnerable of our citizens. In fulfilling their mission as the consumer protection agency for the state, the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs is empowered to address consumer complaints and, when necessary, to take legal action. Students' answers will vary. Students can find this information in the "FAQ" section of the Web site. Consumers should submit complaints in writing, answering as completely as possible the questions who, what, where, and when. They should also provide detailed information on names, dates, addresses, and actions taken so far. the Better Business Bureau Students' letters will vary, but they should include information about the agency, its purpose, its activities, and how the students will be able to contribute to the agency as interns.
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