Lesson Plan : Presidential Election

Teacher Name:
 Casie Caccavone
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 The Presential Election Process, The Political Party system.
 This November there will be a presidential election. this is the perfect time to learn about the electio process. this lesson can be completed in 40 minutes. this is one lesson out of several to teach the many areas that are involved in the election process. this lesson will teach students where how to use technology to become more aware and informative about the presidential candidates.
 1) Students will know who the two major candidates that will be running for election are and what party they are affilied with. Social Study Standard 5, ELA standard, 7 and 8, NETS standard 2 and 3. 2) Students will understand what each of the two parties have used for their political platform and the major issues that each is addressing in the upcomming election that are provided in the party websites. Social Study Standard 1 and 5, ELA standard 7 and 8, NETS standard 2 and 6.
 Given notes on powerpoint, students will identify the two major candidates that are running in the November election. Given the internet students will find the two sites that provide informative information for each of the two parties. Given the internet students will locate each party's main website and write down five issues that each candidate is address in the election.
 A computer with powerpoint to give a class presention. One computer for evert two students that is connected to the internet.
 Students will sit in class for a five minute overview of the two presidential candidates that will be given to them through a powerpoint presention by the teacher.
 Students will be given direction to thre tasks that they will do on the computers.
 In groups of two students will use search engines to find informitive sites on the two candidates. they then will find the two homepages of the candidates party.
 For my student that is learning disables, he will have extra time during his study hall to work with me to learn how to search the web for informitive sites.
Checking For Understanding:
 The next class the students wil have to go to the comouter room and find a homepage to any third party candidate. this will show me that they can effectivly use the internet to find information about the candidates that are running.
 the class will end with a disscusion of what they found. they will share there information and I will make a list of all the sites that the students found and hand it out to the students so they have it to help them with there research for the unit project on the election process. the students will be using different thinking levels to find and use the information that they gather.
 I think this lesson will be a good way to teach the students where to find information to make informative decisions when they are able to vote. This will also teach them the difference between a good site with relevant information verses a site that the information might not be valid.
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