Lesson Plan : Gilded Age Politics

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Shane Riter
 Grade 11-12
 Social Studies

 Gilded Age Politics
 Key Terms 31. Political Machines/Boss Tweed/Tamany Hall 32. Graft 33. Government corruption and scandal: Credit Mobilier Scandal , Whiskey Ring Scandal 34. Civil Service Reform/Pendleton Act/ Mugwumps (Republican reformer) 35. Thomas Nast 36. Initiative/ referendum/Recall
 Becoming an Industrial Society (1877-1900) - The learner will describe innovations in technology and business practices and assess their impact on economic, political, and social life in America. Students will be able to discuss and asses the ways and with what success did unions attempt to address the concerns of workers.
 5.02 Explain how business and industrial leaders accumulated wealth and wielded political and economic power. 5.04 Describe the changing role of government in economic and political affairs.
 1. Power Point 2. Digital Projector, Labtop with Speakers 3. Handouts 4. Quiz
 1. I will start class off with a short review of key terms, figures and events that we have learned so far in Unit 5. (10 min) 2.Students will be informed of the objectives for today and that the last 25-30 min of class will be an open note quiz. 3.I will ask students to focus on the 7 terms we will learn today.(Only 1 will be on the quiz) 5 min
 1. Students will be instructed to take notes on the Guilded Age Politics Power Point 30 min
 Students in academic will be given a cartoon and guided through the anaylsis and review of it. (20 min)
 1. The Power point presentation will serve as a visual guide for students who are visual learners. 2. Lecturing will help auditory learners
Checking For Understanding:
 Formative Assessment: Quiz
 I will collect quizzes and if times allow introduce goal 7, and its objectives along with a few key terms and events that may have been embedded in the students prior knowledge.
Teacher Reflections:

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