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Ecology Lesson Plans

  1. Acid Rain And How It Affects Our Environment- Demonstrate phenomenologically the effects of acid rain on our environment and perform long-term "real-time" experiments.
  2. Bad Neighbors - Students will understand how organisms affect the ecosystem and then how ecosystems reach a state of balance.
  3. Building A Biome- The main objective in this Mini-teach is to show students how different plants grow in each biome.
  4. Ecosystem - To review for the final exam the section covering ecology and the ecosystem including review of important vocabulary terms and check for understanding on how these terms are used in describing an ecosystem.
  5. Filtering Water To Prevent Pollution- Students will see the techniques that are used to filter our water. Students will gain an idea as to various pollutants which can contaminate our water and an appreciation of the need to keep our water supplies clean.
  6. How Organisms Respond To Changes In Their Environment- To observe the reaction of living cells to mechanical and chemical stimuli.
  7. Hurricanes & Ecosystem Affects - Students will grow Wisconsin Fast Plants in the presence of one possible contaminate that could be present in flood waters caused by a hurricane.
  8. Life in a Drop of Water- To classify the types of organisms observed as single-celled or multi-cellular. Use a key or chart to identify and name the organisms found.
  9. Ocean Advocacy Project - Advocate and educate the public about the environmental dangers that the ocean ecosystem faces and what can be done to save it.
  10. Saving Humpty Dumpty- . Students will discuss ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle resources in the life-cycle for a shoe product. Students will investigate why consumers purchase certain shoe products.
  11. Temperatures Around the World - Students see how those temperatures changed throughout the seasons, and how the patterns of change differ depending on where in the word your are.
  12. The Effects of Pesticides on the Food Chain- Students will discuss possible consequences of pesticides entering the food chain.
  13. Water Purification- Participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of water purification techniques and their implications for health maintenance.