Lesson Plan : Bad Neighbors

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 Grade 7-8

 Populations, Communities, and the Ecosystem
 Students will identify how one organism can affect an entire ecosystem. Key vocabulary : Ecosystem, population, predator, species
 Students will understand how organisms affect the ecosystem and then how ecosystems reach a state of balance.
 1. Students will identify how the cane toad can affect its ecosytem. 2. Students will analyze systems of balance. 3. Students will make inferences about ecosystems and its populations.
 Life Science Daybook pgs 186-187
 Students will complete an anticipation guide making predictions based on the photographs in the text and the text features. The teacher will explain that cane toads have now spread throughout Queensland. Students will be asked to mark their text while reading with a partner.
 Students will complete the mote zone tasks while they are reading with their partner. Students will them have a discussion with their partner about what they have read. Each partner will have 30 seconds to talk with one another about the reading assignment.
 Reading with their partners.
Checking For Understanding:
 Identifying cause and effect Students will make a three column table. The first column they need to list as many effects of the introducation of cane toads into Australia as they can. The second column should be to identify whether each effect is direct or indirect. The third column they should identify whether the effect is long term or short term.
 Questions: 1. How could scientists determine whether the cane toads did have a long-term effect on an ecosystem? 2. What information would they need in order to reach a scientific conclusion?
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