Lesson Plan : Ocean Advocacy Project

Teacher Name:
 Guy & Thomas
 Grade 3

 Ocean Ecosystem
 Use persuasive writing skills and multimedia technology to change a specific behavior or an action of the identified target audience, such as littering, which could harm an endangered species. Identify actions that can help preserve the ocean ecosystem.
 Address real world issues related to the ocean�s ecosystem that are relevant to students' lives and or communities. Student will create an interdisciplinary multi-media presentation based on their interests, abilities and available resources to advocate for the preservation and conservation of the ocean ecosystem. Synthesize researched information to create a product which educates the public about and or advocates for a particular conservation practice intended to preserve the ocean ecosystem. Present a persuasive product to an authetic audience for the purpose of modifying their behavior or awareness of issues that impact the ocea ecosystem .
 Advocate and educate the public about the environmental dangers that the ocean ecosystem faces and what can be done to save it. Write persuasively for different purposes and audiences, such as articles, editorials, and interviews. Use creative problem solving skills to develop a communication delivery method which effectively and measurably advocates for a specific issue which aids the preservation of the ocean�s Ecosystem Use of authentic methods and practices to prepare a persuasive product for an "authentic" audience with a real interest in or practical use for the material.
 Multimedia technology-Access to word processing, internet connection, database, desktop publishing, clip art, power point software, Pod casts or electronic film software, digital still and video camera, computer hardware to record DVD, projection system to show presentations, scanner to scan pictures for presentations microphone for pod cast or voice overs and a DVD player.
 Understand the societal role of marine biologists play in communicating ocean issues Express concern for how human activities may impact the ocean ecosystem Develop a critical stance on a specific issue which is vital to the preservation of the ocean ecosystem. Identify authentic target audience
 Work independently and cooperatively for the purpose of researching and writing persuasively. material for the final product. Utilize project planning sheet to provide teacher with an original strategic plan to allocate work assignments, obtain necessary materials and authorizations
 Teacher will guide students in using multiple and varied sources according to criteria checklist to gather and research information to support their environmental stance
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will conference with each group to provide guidance and feedback
 Communicate and publicize successful efforts that modified public behavior in a measurable way.
 Project content, quality and process will be evaluated according to teacher created rubric. Students will present their product to an authentic audience.
Teacher Reflections:

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