Lesson Plan : Hurricanes & Ecosystem affects

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 Grade 9-10

 Wisconsin Fast Plants & Possible Hurricane Ecosystem Damage
 1.Ecosystems can be stable. If a disaster were to happen they can recover. 2. Humans affect the ecosystem they live in.
 Students will: 1. Utilize the scientific method. 2. Grow Wisconsin Fast Plants 3. Understand that humans affect an ecosystem even when the original damage was due to natural disaster. Students will understand how human activities can effect the growth of plants in an ecosystem, thus affecting food chains & food webs. Students will practice the use of the scientific method. Students will utilize technology.
 Students will grow Wisconsin Fast Plants in the presence of one possible contaminate that could be present in flood waters caused by a hurricane. Students will maintain a notebook journaling their work. Students will produce a PowerPoint presentation. Students will create a comic.
 Wisconsin Fast Plants, Grow System, Computers, Software(Excel, PowerPoint, Motic, Toondoo)Microscope.
 Hurricane Ike & Katrina
 Review the PowerPoint introduction. Review experimental design. Explain the materials available for planting seeds. Provide planting directions & daily development directions.
 Write initial steps of the scientific method in student notebook. Teacher will check hypothesis & experimental design. Students will use their notebook to record the initial steps of the scientific method. Teacher will check notebook for hypothesis & experimental design. Teacher will provide directions for planting Wisconsin Fast Plants.
 Visual: PowerPoint & written directions. Published on Google documents for student access. Auditory: Verbal review of directions Manipulative: Planting/maintaining Fast Plants Technological: Use computers for research, Powerpoint, Excel & Toondoo
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will be circulating about the room and be available for questions.
 Notebook with initial steps of scientific method Planted seeds placed under gro-lights. Initial steps of scientific method will be recorded. Plants will be planted & placed under lights. Experimental design: concentration of possible contaminate.
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