Lesson Plan : Ecosystem

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 Grade 9-10

 The Ecosystem Review
 Review of ecosystem and the important terms and components including the food chain the food webs. Energy pyramids and the interaction of the ecosystem between the living and the nonliving.
 To review for the final exam the section covering ecology and the ecosystem including review of important vocabulary terms and check for understanding on how these terms are used in describing an ecosystem
 Students will review through teacher guided discussion the important concepts of the ecosystem. After review the students will create flashcards to be used for study for the final exam.
 Glencoe textbook Biology, student textbook and study guide.
 Warm-up: students will write in there notebook the definition of ecosystem listed on the board.
 Teacher will ask students for terms and meaning of terms of the major components of the ecosystem: Terms will be put on the whiteboard for further class development.
 Teacher will create an ecosystem on the board and display the path of energy from the sun through the ecosystem and out. The role of the food chain discussed at this point.
 Second language learners are given the class textbook with visuals and highlighted terms to aid in understanding vocabulary and concepts of the ecosystem.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review in class and respond on question of vocabulary and understanding of how food webs are composed.
 review kinds of ecosystems: land and water. Remind the students to use cards for final exam review.
 Teacher will ask students to bring cards to the next session . Cards will collected and graded then handed back.
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