Lesson Plan : Temperatures Around the World

Teacher Name:
 Linda Watts
 Grade 6

 Temperatures Around the World
  The changing seasons account for the variation in weather conditions and for extremes temperatures. Vocabulary terms: weather, climate, ecology, lattitude and longitude
 Students analyze temperature data taken from the Globe Project. Students see how those temperatures changed throughout the seasons, and how the patterns of change differ depending on where in the word your are.
 To discover relationships in temperature changes. To analyze temperature data taken from the Globe project. To dispel the ideal that the Earth-Sun distance mabe responsible for seasons.
 Overhead Projector, transparencies of temperature data sheets/graphing sheets. 1 list of locations with latitudes and longitudes (p.10 of Seasons Lab Book.) World Map,
 The teacher will ask students to think back to the "Name the Season" game, when they wrote about things that change with the seasons. Point out that one thing they mentioned often was the temperature. Today they will get to see how temperatures cahnge throughout the seasons.
 Put the transparency with the data from El Salvador on the overhead projector. Show how the data is arranged, name of the city and country, the name of the school whose students measured the temperatures,etc. Emphasize that these are monthly average temperatures not just the average temperature for one day, but for a whole month.
 Ask volunteers to trace the equator on the globe. Identifying the longitude and lattitude lines. Discuss that on maps and globes each of latitude and longitude lines form a grid that can describe exactly where a place is with the two lines that cross there. Longitude and latitude lines are measured in degrees.
 Students pair to compare results
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students discuss in small groups what the patterns are on their graps, then report their findins in a whole class discussion.
 Teacher observations
Teacher Reflections:

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