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Lesson Planning Helpers

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  1. Brainstorming Map
  2. Brainstorming Plan
  3. Daily Plan Template
  4. Daily Plan With Advice
  5. Madeline Hunter Method
  6. Monthly Template
  7. Unit Plan Template PDF
  8. Weekly Plan Template
  9. Weekly Plan Landscape PDF
  1. Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs
  2. Lesson Plan Maker
  3. Printable Lesson Planning Blocks
  4. Teacher Glossary

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Lesson Planning Basics

  1. What is a lesson plan?
  2. How do you write one?
  3. What are the major things to consider when creating a lesson?
  4. Common mistakes
  5. What to consider when planning
  6. How to Create a Student Centered Lesson
  7. How to write the perfect plan for a teacher observation
  8. 5 tips for creating effective plans
  9. What makes a great one?
  10. What major factors do you need to consider before you even start planning?
  11. How do you know if it was effective?
  12. Easy ways to improve upon past work