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Daily Lesson Plan Template With Advice

Title: _______________________ Name: _______________________
Topic What is this lesson about?

Describe the important concepts, information, and skills you are going to develop in this lesson. You can also identify standards in here.

Goals: Outcomes The broad nature of the lesson. Should be directly related to the content.

Describe the specific skills or performance criteria that the students will be able to demonstrate at the end of the lesson.

Materials and Aids What will you be using to complete the lesson?
A. Introduction How will you get the students' attention? How will you relate it to what they already know.
B. Development What instructional model will you be using? For example, direct instruction, cooperative learning, or Inquiry.
C. Practice How will you allow students to practice what they have learned? How will you guide this?
D. Independent Practice How will you provide the students an opportunity to practice the skill while you can informally measure their progress?
E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction How will you differentiate instruction based on learner needs? How will the lesson be adapted or modified for special needs students?
F. Checking for understanding

How will you determine that the students have reached a proficient skill set from the lesson?

G. Closure How will you wrap up the lesson? Remind students why they learned this.
H. Evaluation

How will you assess if the lesson was successful?

I. Teacher Reflection

Complete this after the lesson is complete. Just answer this question: How could you improve this lesson?

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