Space and Astronomy Lesson Plans

Space Teaching Theme Space Worksheets
  • A Trip to Jupiter - Students will use this information to create a brochure to advertise (a future class assignment) a travel resort on Jupiter.
  1. Challenger Center for Space Science Education- A wide range of downloadable resources, creative activities and educational programs to help them unlock young imaginations.
  2. Edible Earth - Students will be able to identify the 4 layers of Earth and describe their unique characteristics.
  3. Exploration of Our Universe - This lesson introduces students to the key properties and features of the planets in our solar system, starting with Mercury and working outward.
  4. Exploring Planets in the Classroom- 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.
  5. How Big Is That Star?- Students will be able to explain the relationship between radius and mass among a list of stars. Students will understand how a binary star system's orbit can cause changes in the observed brightness of the system.
  6. How Astronauts Suits Have Changed - Improvements made to Astronaut's Space Suits over the years.
  7. How Much Rock is in an Icy Moon?- To calculate the percentages of rock and ice in the moons of the outer planets.
  8. Members of The Solar System - The planets and the other minor members of the solar system.
  9. Objects in Our Solar System - Students will have an understanding of the main components of our solar system and how they interact.
  10. Phases of the Moon- A great explanation!
  11. Planet For Sale!- Marketing a Planet's value, can be a fun and rewarding educational experience!
  12. Planet Brochures - Students will become more familiar with the other planets in our Solar System (size, color, distance from the Sun, distance from Earth, etc).
  13. The Earth and its Moon - Students will understand that the Earth rotates once each day on its axis, this is cause of night and day.
  14. The Sun - We are going to use our Safe "sun" glasses experiment to view the sun but not actually look directly at it.
  15. Stanford SOLAR Center- Exciting activities, images, interactive tools, text, and other resources to let you research our special star -- the Sun.
  16. Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)- Image archive and lessons
  17. Students Orbit the Solar System - Students will develop an understanding of the nine planets and an appreciation for the earth's place in the solar system.