Lesson Plan : A Trip to Jupiter

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Serena
 Grade 5

 Space Science Increasing Computer Literacy
 NETS For Students: 1. Basic operations and Concepts 2. Social, ethical, and human issues 3. Technology productivity tools 4. Technology communications tools 5. Technology research tools 6. Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools
 Students will learn how far Jupiter is from Earth, how much food and water is needed for a trip, and how to collaborate. Students will learn how to create a brochure on Microsoft Publisher which they will use to advertise a future project.
 Students will learn that Planning a trip is not easy. They will learn how much food they will need to survive. Students will use this information to create a brochure to advertise (a future class assignment) a travel resort on Jupiter.
 *Ample space for group meeting *At least 5 computers for each group to do thier work *Microsoft Publisher *Books and Various Web sites (See bibliography) *Rubrics for each student *Different colored stickers in 5 colors
 Who has ever wanted to go into outer space? I have always dreamed of going to Jupiter, I guess because it is so far away from Earth. Does anyone know anything about Jupiter?
 As you may know every year my class studies a different planet and then for a week we conduct a tour of the planet for the younger classes. The beginging of this project is at hand, the first step is to research Jupiter (which is this year's planet). After we have completed this research we will need to create a brochure to advertise the tour. Our brochures must also include how much food and water one would need for a trip to Jupiter, also many guests may be interested in how long the trip may take. I have brought a few sample brochures to look at so that we can get ideas, but I was unable to find any brochures about visiting Jupiter. I am passing out a rubric so that you will know what exactally I would like included in the brochures, but you can feel free to add more information this is just a basic guideline. You may use the internet or books or any other resource that you may think of, just let me know if you need to leave the room. And finally you may work in groups for this assignment, which we will randomly assign now{I would use a colored sticker grouping)
 Before you begin to work in your groups I would like to meet with everyone, first we are going to read a short picture book titled: The bag I'm taking to Grandma's by Shirley Neitzel. {After reading book} Why do you think that we read this book? Was there any information that you found useful. OK now we are going to read a nonfiction book titled: Destination, Jupiter by Seymour Simon. {After reading the Book} Was this book useful to anyone? Finally I'd like every group to come up to my computer 1 at a time, we will be looking at some websites that might have useful information on them so I suggest that at least 1 person in your group bring pencil and paper to write down these websites. {as the groups are working I will call groups up one at a time to show the websites (see bibliogrpahy) at this time I will ask if the group has any questions for me}. At this time I will also be showing you how I made my brochure on Microsoft publisher. Again I recommend that someone takes notes on what we do.
 If there were children who I knew would have a difficult time with the assignment then I would randomly/on purpose create a group with this child so that they are working with peers who are willing and able to help the child.
Checking For Understanding:
 In addition to asking to have acopy of the groups notes I will also pass out a rubric at the begining of the assignment which will explain to the students what I am looking for in this assignment.
 I wuold end this lesson by immediately begining the next lesson which would be recruitting other classes to take a trip to Jupiter by handing out the brochures to other classes.
 As stated I will pass out a rubric at the begining of the assignment and I will be asking for a copy of the groups notes for each day. Also I will also be monitoring the groups to ensure that every student is understanding the assignment.
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