Lesson Plan : Planet Brochures

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Fields
 Grade 6

 Looking at the solar system with the help of an Internet connection.
 Students will become more familiar with the other planets in our Solar System (size, color, distance from the Sun, distance from Earth, etc).
 Science 3.02 Compare and contrast the Earth to other planets in terms of: size, composition, relative distance from the Sun, and ability to support life. Science 3.05 Identify technologies used to explore space. Technology 1.2 Demonstrate an understanding of copyright by citing sources of copyrighted materials in papers, projects, and multimedia presentations. Technology 3.1 Select and use technology tools to collect, analyze, and display data. Technology 3.2 Use word processing/desktop publishing applications to create documents related to content areas. Technology 3.6 Create nonlinear multimedia projects related to content areas. Technology 3.8 Apply search strategies to locate and retrieve information via telecommunications. Technology 3.9 Use telecommunications to share and publish information.
 Computers with Internet access
 We will first spend some time discussing the planets and the solar system. We will talk about the arrangement and I will ask the students questions to gain an idea of their prior knowledge.
 I will tell the class that they should choose a planet that they are interested in. They will be making brochures about their chosen planets including information and pictures retrieved from websites. I will also discuss plagiarism with the students and stress the importance of citing their sources
 Before they begin their assignments, I will demonstrate to the children how to use different tools in Microsoft Word (font, page setup, clipart, headers and footers, etc). I will ask them to try these things on their own computers as well.
 The class will have assigned seats in the computer lab.
Checking For Understanding:
 Before the students begin the back page of their brochures, I will make sure that they have done the first page correctly. If so, I will instruct them to print it out and I will explain how to set up the back of their brochures (with the cover being the last page).
 The class will share their brochures with each other before they pass them to me for evaluation. They can talk about what they found that was particularly interesting or unexpected.
 The brochures will be evaluated using my pre-made rubric.
Teacher Reflections:
 Looking back I have to say that I would like to see students get a little more involved. I will have to look into the costs of using professional print companies. To help students produce a great piece of work.

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