Lesson Plan : Objects in Our Solar System

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 Grade 4

 Objects in our solar system.
 Vocabulary - solar system, star, sun, planet, asteroids, comets, orbit, axis.
 Students will have an understanding of the main components of our solar system and how they interact.
 SC.E.1.2.3 Students know that our Sun is a star and that the energy of the Sun can be captured as a source of heat and light on Earth (e.g. plants, solar panels) Students will have a basic understanding of the vocabulary words sun, solar system, star, planet, asteroid, comet, orbit, axis.
 Our solar system vocabulary worksheet, Solar system grahic organizer, Harcourt Science Textbook 4th grade 2000 edition.
 Show pictures of solar system - solar eclipse photos taken in 1989 in Hawaii.
 Hand out vocabulary worksheets and graphic organizers. Remind students to put their name on them and put them in their science folder at the end of each lesson, we will fill the sheets out as we go along, they will be allowed to use these notes on review at end of unit.
 Read text book Unit D - pp. 57 - 59. Discuss. Ask students for definitions of the 8 vocabulary words covered in the reading. Put definitions on board for students to copy down onto vocabulary worksheet.
 ESE students will have copy of teacher vocabulary worksheet and graphic organizer with definitions typed in.
Checking For Understanding:
 Discuss answers written on graphic organizer as a class. Make sure students have correct answers written down so they can use to study.
 Review what we have learned.
Teacher Reflections:

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