Lesson Plan : Members of The Solar System

Teacher Name:
 Laura Garrigus
 Grade 9-10

 The planets and the other minor members of the solar system.
 terrestrial planet Jovian planet nebula planet ismal asteroid comet coma meteoroid meteor meteorite
 1. Learn how the planets are categorized and characteristics of each of the planets in the solar system. 2. Gather knowledge about the other minor members of the solar system (ie. asteriods, meteors, etc.).
 Students will be able to classify planets and other members of the solar system based on comparisons of characteristics and assemble a brochure supporting the arguement that their chosen planet is the best.
 books, computer, projector, internet, dvd player, tv
 Who can name the planets of the solar system? Who can name them in order from the closets to the sun out?
 I will show the students the way I learned to remember the order of the planets. We will read about and discuss the characteristics of the planets and their classifications and about the other bodies in the solar system (ie. asteriods, meteors, etc.).
 Students will be given written worksheets to be completed about the planets and other bodies in the solar system to practice the material they learned. Also, students will do verbal/kinesthetic activities to help solidify knowledge.
 Some students will be given notes or outline guides with facts about the planets while others will have to do more research.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will write summaries about what they liked and disliked from their peers presentations.
 Ticket out the door: Students will quickly create a license plate with a catchy phrase summarizing a concept that they learned today.
 Students will be tested on information gathered and learned about the planets and others bodies (ie. asteroids, meteors, etc.)
Teacher Reflections:

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