Lesson Plan : How Astronauts Suits Have Changed

Teacher Name:
 Michelle Bartlett
 Grade 6

 Astronauts' Space Suits
 Improvements made to Astronaut's Space Suits over the years.
 Students will be able to tell how the space suits that Astronauts wear today have changed over the years.
 NCSOS 5.04: Describe space explorations and the understandings gained from them including; NASA, Technologies used to explore space, Historic timeline, Appollo mission to the moon, Space shuttle, International Space Station, and Future goals.
 Legal size construction paper (white), plain white paper, pencils, crayons, markers, and ruler. Internet
 Teacher will discuss with students how certain things have changed over the years. Start out by talking how school has changed. Then lead into the space program. Then discuss why they think these changes were made.
 After the discussion then have children make a prediction about how the space suits which astronauts wear have changed over the years. Complete a KWL chart.
 Research space suits on the internet. Students should take a few notes of the changes which have occurred over the years as well as why these changes have occurred. Students will then complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast space suits from today with earlier space suits.
 If children seem to be having trouble then the Venn Diagram can be done together. Children may also look at pictures of space suits to use as a model for their own pictures.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check students drawing to make sure they show a change.
 Students will write a paragraph on the similarities and differences in the space suits using a Venn Diagram.
Teacher Reflections:
 Upon returning then teacher will read paragraphs and look at students drawings.

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