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  • Autumn - Students should be able to understand what time of the year Autumn comes, what happens during autum, and what there is to do during autum.
  • Autumn Finger-Painting Tree - Learn how to use fine motor skills when using their fingers.
  • Comparing Different Types of Corn - This activity allows students to use their different senses to explore the differences between sweet corn, field corn, and Indian corn. After exploring the different types of corncobs in the classroom, the students search websites to gather more specific information about each type of corn.
  • Fall Clothing Sale - In this activity, students practice their math skills while shopping for a new fall wardrobe. They have to work with a group to create a new fall wardrobe within a budget using store circulars.
  • Fall Around the World - We know what fall is like in our hometown, but what is it like halfway around the world? Students use the internet to research what fall is like in other countries and share that data with their classmates.
  • Four Seasons - Students will have a firm understanding of the four seasons and how they relate to weather, calendar months, and holidays.
  • Hayrides and Fall - Students will learn about fall hayrides, including vocabulary and 10 words related to hayrides.
  • Indian Corn Mosaic - Students make a tile-like picture out of Indian corn in this lesson. They are challenged to use the whole paper to create their picture.
  • Indian Corn Pictures - Students use Indian corn to create a fall picture. They are able to use the kernels to explore different types of shading and color.
  • Learning About Our Seasons - Students will be able to differentiation between the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.
  • Measuring Using Leaves - In this activity, students use different sized leaves to measure various objects. It is a fun way to introduce units of measure.
  • Observing Trees - This is a multi-week project that lets students observe the changes that occur to trees in the fall. They take pictures and record their observations over several weeks to get a better sense of what happens.
  • Pumpkin Roll - This is a multi-day activity that incorporates science and math in an exciting challenge. Each group has to build a machine that will roll a pumpkin father than anyone else's machine.
  • Scarecrow Recycled - This project encourages students to think about what materials can be recycled. They are challenged to make a scarecrow entirely out of recyclable materials.
  • The Seasons - Introduction to the four seasons and characteristics of climate change using musical terms.
  • Word Family Nuts - The student will be able to match the correct words with their word families.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Apples and Seasons- " Use the apple tree, and The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons to teach seasonal changes."
  2. Autumn Leaves Are Falling- "Autumn in New Hampshire is always so beautiful! In October we begin to learn about trees, leaves, and the changing of the seasons."
  3. Autumn Leaves: Where does the color come from? - In Autumn most people enjoy colorful leaves, brought about by external stimuli. In this lesson students explore leaf pigmentation through chromatography.
  4. Community Canned Food Drive (Part 1) - During the fall holiday months, the class actively assists the local community in the annual collection of canned food for needy families. Advertisements promoting the campaign are created with Student Writing Center.
  5. Community Canned Food Drive (Part 2) - During the fall holiday months, the class actively assists the local community in the annual collection of canned food for needy families. Students become involved in a graph-keeping adventure as they encourage the school to collect many canned foods.
  6. Haiku Leaves - The students use prior knowledge and first-hand observations of the natural world around them to create their own Haiku poems. The final draft is put on handmade leaves (from construction paper) to create an autumn-theme classroom display.
  7. How Tall in the Fall? - Students use nonstandard measurement to measure. Students estimate to predict the correct length before they measure. Students count the correct number of objects used to measure.
  8. Pumpkin Potpourri
  9. Signs of Autumn - This is a culminating activity on the study of photosynthesis, how chlorophyll is important to leaves, and why leaves change colors in the fall.