Lesson Plan : Four Seasons

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Brazela
 Grade 2

 Students will learn about the four Seasons.
 Vocabulary Words: winter, spring, summer, fall/autumn, seasons, temperature, weather, four seasons
  Students will have a firm understanding of the four seasons and how they relate to weather, calendar months, and holidays.
 Students will be able to: Associate the four seasons with the calendar months Compare weather and clothing worn during each season Identify popular activities done during each season Compare and contrast season�s characteristics
 Chalkboard, book: All About the Seasons, construction paper, scissors, crayons, glue or paste, seasons graphic organizer, and magazines
 This is a three-part science lesson that involves reading, writing, and art. Begin by asking student�s what they already know about the seasons. Read the book, All About the Seasons. Ask questions as the book is being read. Point out key concepts. Ask review questions after reading book.
 Write a season on the center of chalkboard. Ask student to list things they associate with that season (weather, holidays, and clothing). Write their answers on the board, forming a web. Help students to see the similarities and differences. When the web is complete, have the students write complete sentences about that particular season. Repeat this for each season.
 Students with special needs will be given extra time to complete in class assignments and extra assistance by teacher as needed. When the students are divided in groups, they can benefit from cooperative learning
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will respond to the following questions in their journals. 1) Which is your favorite season? Why? 2) Which is your least favorite season? Why? Suggestion/ Hint: Think about your best and worst memory about a season. Explain.
 Ask students to sit on the rug in reading center. Ask the students to close their eyes as characteristics of a season are described to them. Then have the students guess what season you are describing. Do this for all four seasons. Next, ask some students to name some similarities and differences between the seasons.
 Divide class into 6 groups of 4. Each student will receive large construction paper. Each of the 4 students are responsible for a season. Using magazines or original drawings, the student will make a collage that represents the season they are assigned to. The groups are allowed to discuss their work and they may share their completed work with their group.
Teacher Reflections:
 Next year, I can extend the lessons up to a two-week period. I can also revisit this lesson at the beginning of each season. To close this lesson, we can even try to do a mini fashion show on a Friday afternoon in lieu of center time.

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